Incontinence products that really work!

Manage or overcome incontinence in adults with products that really work—including the Wet-Detective alarm system and Wet-Stop Mattress covers and pads.  Developed by urology experts and specially designed to help those struggling with adult incontinence and bedwetting issues, our patented products and system are also effective with children. They can even alert you to problems with pets!

The Wet-Detective sensor pad is the only one that:

  • senses urine and moisture
  • is totally waterproof
  • is washable
  • is placed directly beneath the person with a bedwetting problem

Sensors in the pad react to moisture and activate the alarm for a quick response to the situation,  faster clean-up, and better outcomes. Use a sensor pad on beds, chairs, wheelchairs – anywhere urine and wetness may be a problem. The waterproof and washable sensor pad protects surfaces from damage.

wet-detective-1-pack incontinence products

Alarm system with 1 sensor pad
Regularly $89.95, NOW JUST $39.99



wet-detective-2-pack incontinence products


Alarm system with 2 sensor pads
Regularly $99.95, NOW JUST $49.99


Wet-Detective Sensor Pad incontinence products


Wet-Detective Bed Sensor Pad



Wet-Detective Alarm


Wet-Detective Alarm Unit Only



Wet Detective bedwetting sensor cord, white.


Wet-Detective Replacement Sensor Cord




Mattress pads are available here

Wet-Detective and Wet-Stop trademarks are the property of PottyMD, LLC. Wet-Detective Bed Pad Patent No.: US 8,914,923 B2