How Wet-Detective Works – Bedwetting

Bedwetting Bed Pad and Alarm Use


The Wet-Detective is a excellent pad and alarm system for those who do not want to wear a device. It is also commonly used by deepest sleepers who need the loudest bedwetting alarm. It is essentially a wireless alarm since no wires or devices are worn on the child or adult.

The Wet-Detective sensor pad:

  1. senses urine and moisture
  2. totally waterproof
  3. washable
  4. placed directly beneath the person with a bedwetting problem.

The alarm is designed to clip on the bed sheet or be placed on a nearby bedside table.

When using the Wet-Detective alarm system for the correction of bedwetting use the loudest alarm setting. The waterproof sensor pad is placed directly under the child or adult. When the sensor pad is exposed to urine the extremely loud alarm is triggered. The learning process begins and all you need to do is replace the sensor pad with a dry one and continue. This protects the bed and avoids nightime cleaning!


During the course of using the alarm, parental or adult help may be needed to teach the bedwetter to awaken to the alarm. Initially during this learning process it is common for the bladder to empty on the pad and discover upon going to the bathroom that there is nothing left to urinate. After the first few weeks of training, you should begin to see improvement when the urination on the pad is less and more is urinated in the toilet. Soon thereafter, the bedwetter should begin to awaken when the urge is felt, anticipating the alarm. After about 1 to 3 months, you should have periods of uninterrupted dryness. There may still be occasional wet nights, so continue to use the alarm until one month of uninterrupted dryness and then stop using the alarm. If a relapse occurs (2 or more wet nights in a row after a month or more of uninterrupted dryness) begin using the alarm again. Results may vary with each child and adult.

CAUTION: Make sure alarm cord is positioned to avoid causing tripping when getting out of bed.

Wet-Stop and Wet-Detective trademarks are property of PottyMD, LLC. Wet-Detective Bed Pad Patent No.: US 8,914,923 B2