Incontinence products that really work!

You can manage or overcome your incontinence with incontinence products that really work  including the Wet-Detective and the Wet-Stop Mattress Covers and Encasements. These products were developed by urology experts and tailored especially to those struggling with adult incontinence and bedwetting issues.

wet-detective-1-pack incontinence products

Alarm system with 1 sensor pad,
regularly $89.95, NOW JUST $49.95



wet-detective-2-pack incontinence products


Alarm system with 2 sensor pads,
regularly $99.95, NOW JUST $59.95



Wet-Stop Quilted Queen incontinence productsMattress Cover: quilted, waterproof and hypoallergenic, protects from bacteria, allergens, dust mites and spills. Fits over mattress like a fitted bed sheet. (From the makers of Wet Detective.) Available in:
TWIN Mattress Cover, $28.00
FULL Mattress Cover, $35.00
QUEEN Mattress Cover, $37.00
KING Mattress Cover, $39.00


encasement incontinence products

Mattress Encasements: waterproof and hypoallergenic, maximum protection from bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, urine, accidents and spills. Encases entire mattress; zippered. (From the makers of Wet Detective.) Available in twin, full, queen and king.



Wet-Detective Sensor Pad incontinence products


Extra bed sensor pad, $20/each




Wet-Detective and Wet-Stop trademarks are property of PottyMD, LLC. Wet-Detective Bed Pad Patent No.: US 8,914,923 B2